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Hi! Welcome to our website! All of our friends and family enjoy hearing about our backpacking trips and seeing the pictures we take along the way. We thought that we could share these things with a larger audience if we put them on the web.

In 2008 we formalized our backpacking group by forming the Avid Backpackers Club. We have regular meeting now so we can plan our next trips and chat about all things backpacking. It is our hope this will lead to more frequent trips and ultimately more trips posted here.

The Avid Backpackers website is not only designed for all of those interested in backpacking, but also people that just enjoy seeing photos of and reading about backpacking trips.

We would love to be able to add some other people's backpacking trip descriptions and photos so if you would like to see them on this site (or have a link to your site) e-mail us at mark@avidbackpackers.com.

If you are interested in purchasing any pictures please email us or visit the photos section.