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Year 2000 trips

Lyons Lake
Grouse Lake
Fourth of July Lake
Round Lake (October)


Year 2001 trips

Red Lake (January)
Crockers Point (February)
Twin Redwoods (April)
Penner Lake (May)

Hawk's Rest (June)
Long Lake (July)
Beebe Lake (August)
Echo & Summit Lake (September)
Fourth of July Lake (October)

Skyline to the Sea (February)
Sunol to Lake Del Valle(March)
Sunol to Maggie's Half Acre (May)
Skyline to the Sea (June)
Round Lake (June)
Penner Lake (July)
Indian Springs to Byers Lake (August)
Tamarack Lake (October)
Castle Rock (December)

Loch Leven Lakes (January)
Sunol to Del Valle (March)
Sunol to Star's Rest (April)
Round Lake (June)
Dardanelles Lake (June)
Tamarack Lake (August)
Showers Lake (September)
Wildcat Camp (November)

Loch Leven Area 3 trips
& March
Sunol to Maggie's 1/2 Acre (May)
High Loch Leven Lake (July)
Hell Hole Reservoir

Scotts Lake (January)
Eagle Springs (April)
Round Lake (May)
Round Lake (July)
Penner Lake (August)

Scotts Lake (September)

Loch Leven (February)
Maggies Half Acre (April)
Upper Camp (June)
Fordyce Creek (July)
Stony Ridge Lake (September)

Castle Rock Trail Camp (March)
Bear Lake (June)
Gilmore Lake (August)
Grouse Lake (September)

Piute Meadow & Camp Lake (July)
Tamarack Lake (October)

Loch Leven (March)
Eagle Springs (May) Shaw Flat Trail Camp (August)
Lake Sylvia (October)

Angel Island (June)
Lake Aloha (July)
Lake of the Woods (October)

Year 2011 Trips

Coast Camp (February)
Boyd Camp (April)
Butano Trail Camp (June)
Tahoe Rim Trail Big Meadow Trailhead to Echo Summit Trailhead (August)
Eagle Springs (October)

Year 2012 Trips

Forest of Nisene Marks State Park (February)
Coast Camp (May)
Angel Island (June)
Bayview Trailhead to Meeks Bay Trailhead via Velma Lakes & Stony Ridge Lake (September)

Year 2013 Trips

Glen Camp, Point Reyes National Seashore (January)
Angel Island (April)

Angel Island (July)
Tamarack Lake (July)
Emigrant Wilderness (August)
Coast Camp, Point Reyes National Seashore (October)

Year 2014 Trips

Castle Rock Trail Camp (February)
Angel Island (April)
Marin Headlands, Hawk Camp (May)
Round Lake (June)
Coast Camp #1, Point Reyes National Seashore (August)
Forest of Nisene Marks State Park (December)

Year 2015 Trips

Eagle Springs (March)
Penner Lake (June)
Skyline to the Sea (June)
Gilmore Lake and Mt Tallac (July)
Coast Camp (August)
Wildcat Camp (November)

Peter Grub Hut (February)
Angel Island, Ridge Site #4 (April)
Shaw Flat Trail Camp (July)
Maude Lake via Rockbound Trailhead (August)

Relief Reservoir (June)
Coast Camp, Point Reyes National Seashore (August)
Fourth of July Lake, Mokelumne Wilderness (October)