This is actually a trip we did as part of my bachelor's party. Some guys go to strip bars but I prefer going backpacking. This is the morning we were leaving. There were four of us that went out (Leo, Russ, Lee and myself). This lake is located near Carson Pass. You travel on the North side of highway 88 and the trailhead is just West of Carson Pass on 88. There are 2 trailheads at Carson pass this is the one furthest West.








Here is a shot of Russ and Leo getting ready for the trail












Here is Lee waiting for us to get the show on the road.















Here is the group deciding which way to go. (Follow the ducks :-)










There are some nice views if you turn around as the trail heads up and over an exposed ridge to start you out. I believe this is Caples Lake.










This shot of the trail is near the beginning. Once you get over the ridge it evens out and there is a nice flat section through a valley before the last uphill part to Showers Lake.










There is a cabin and stable located in the valley you cross through. Leo and I checked it out on another trip out here a couple years back and ran into some nice cowboys who said you can rent this place for a week or more. Nice guys even offered us breakfast and a drink (a little early for tequila for me though).








Here is the last uphill section before the lake. I am not sure about the camera angle as I write this now 2 years later...










There are a fair amount of sites around this lake. The lake is not that big and it can get crowded up here on the weekends so get there early and try to not camp too close to anyone.













Here is Lee looking surprised. I can't remember why.











This is my favorite shot on the trip. I took the picture not even thinking about it and then later discovered what it looked like. They are not even that close but because of the angle I took it from it looks pretty hilarious.









Another shot of camp. We went swimming that day. The lake was cold but as I was the first one in I jumped in with no emotion so that others would follow. Lee asked me if it was cold and I responded it felt great (see I didn't lie). He jumped in and had a few things to say about the frigid water that our neighboring college class students heard quite clearly (even though they were across form the lake).











Here is a shot of Showers Lake.












One more with a nice reflection.











This is the view toward Round Lake and Dardanelle's Lake. Worth hiking out that way for the view. Quite hazy that day though.









Here are the pictures taken on the way out. You can get some idea of the trail by looking at these. Great trip. You can easily turn this into a couple nights with all of the neighboring lakes to explore.


















Snack break I think.












A little stream you cross near the cabin and barn.


















































I realized I had any one take any of myself. So here is my boot :-)






























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