Ray and I decided to head to do a backpacking trip to Round Lake. I had already tried to get there early in the season but weather and a swollen stream prevented me See Round Lake May 2005. For a trail description see this trip to Round Lake. Here is Ray getting ready to hit the trail. There is a bathroom and water at the trailhead if you need them. This trailhead is heavily used on weekends during the summer so get there early. From this trailhead you can get to Scotts Lake, Dardanelles Lake, and Round Lake. See map at bottom. Trailhead is off Highway 89 near Lake Tahoe.








The trail is mainly up to Big Meadow and there is a stream that cuts right through it. The bridge is concealed by the bushes where the trail disappears in this picture. There is still some snow at the peaks. This was late July so you can tell we had a good amount of snow this year.










You go over one ridge that lets you see some of the surrounding high country. From this spot we could see some distant thunderclouds.












The trail is easy to follow and relatively short so take your time to enjoy the scenery on the way. It was not a good time to be out here if you have allergies. Everything was green and blooming.












The rock formations in this area are amazing. There are many of these combination type rocks. It looks like someone took concrete and stuck a bunch of other rocks onto it. I have been told these are metamorphic rocks but I haven't checked it out yet.









There are many good views of Round Lake once you are there. There are also many good campsites on the west, east and south side. If you like to overlook the lake try the south side. You have to cross the outlet of the lake to get to them though. There is a small dam and also a creek crossing. Look at both options before choosing your path.








We set up camp near the Lake on the south side. If you look close this is my friend Ray defending the campsite from the chipmunks. Ok he is really sleeping and not even his snoring will defend the camp from those guys.











Here is an aerial shot of our site. The tent is hard to see but is left of the green tarp set up to sit on. I have seen bears in this area so hang your food and trash!











Here is where we pumped water at the Lake's edge.













Here is one of those sneaky little guys that are just waiting until you forget and leave something open at camp. They are way too used to humans.











We had a few thunderclouds come over and get us a little wet that night and in the morning there was a little drizzle. Mosquitoes did try to get us but we took the proper precautions (long sleeves, deet). This is the next morning. There were 4 other groups camped around the lake.









Hiking along the edge of the trail the next morning I took this shot as well. It is amazing how much different a lake can look the next morning (of course looking from the other side of the lake helps too).









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